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Premier Dental Anesthesiology provides in-office dental anesthesia in your dental office by board certified anesthesiologists.


Dentists benefit from our services because they can enhance their patient's comfort and satisfaction while offering procedures in their

own dental office. This promotes client retention otherwise lost to referrals.

Dentists focus on their patient’s dental procedure, whether minor or extensive, while we handle the patient’s anesthetic care. Our anesthesiologists will not only administer medications, but they also make informed medical judgments during the procedure to protect and regulate your patient's critical life functions.

Each case is personally performed by a board certified anesthesiologist along with a registered nurse . Premier Dental Anesthesiology brings to the dental office the finest standard of anesthesia care, no less than that expected at major medical centers. 


Our practice has grown into a multi state program. With teams in St Louis, Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Kansas City and  Springfield. Premier Dental Anesthesiology provides safe mobile anesthesia to patients of all ages.

Premier Dental Anesthesiology is a division of Western Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.  Our group cares for over 70,000 patients each year in 

a diverse clinical environment for surgery and

other diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Several of the anesthesiologists are also subspecialty-certified in Pain Management, Critical Care Medicine, or possess additional training and expertise in many specialties including Cardiac Anesthesiology and Pediatric Anesthesiology.  

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